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  • Idioma: INGLÉS
  • Formatos: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9788835438359
  • Editorial: TEKTIME

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Descargar libros gratis ipad 2 CHILDREN OF GOD! NOT DEVIL! 9788835438359 (Literatura española)


I think, or at least I hope, the answer is not difficult for any of us. We are children of God! God is our Father! Notice that we are not orphans or abandoned children. God is our Father, Creator of the sky, the Earth and the entire universe. Our Father is omnipotent. He is the best, can’t be better. We can’t have a better father. We are fortunate. God dwells in us! We are supporters of God! However! God is not the Father of Christians only, but of every man on Earth. Indeed! Most indeed! We are all children of God, but not everyone is aware of this cheering message well enough! If our awareness of that fact were as little as a mustard seed, which is very small according to the Gospel, we could move mountains evenAmbiguity comes from the evil one! It is not possible to please two masters, good and evil, at the same time! You cant serve two masters! God and the devil! No! You cant bargain and you cant agree with the devil! Because all he wants is one thing, to destroy everything that belongs to God. He wants to ruin us. If we allow him even a little, he will want even more and more and more. He is never fed with evil. He hates himself, God, us and all that God created. He hates everything. We Christians are not fools! We are children of God who is all knowing! Please! Let us never forget this! Bless the Christians! Damn the fools! I am certain that we must love like Jesus, this is the right way! He sacrificed his life to save everyone. However! We must not be fools! We cant accept the evil, for a very simple reason: Because evil comes from the biggest fool - the devil. Listening to him will make us and everyone who listens to him become fools like him. This is why the world is so mad and stoned because so many people listen to the fool - the devil!PUBLISHER: TEKTIME


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